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Concept Cars Spotlighted at Chicago Auto Show



    (Published Wednesday, Feb. 5, 2014)

    Chicago Auto Show attendees always flock to the concept cars, a sneak peek at what automakers foresee on our roads in the future.

    The Toyota FT-1 sports concept car is already creating a lot of buzz. It comes complete with a speed sensitive wing.

    "For us, we think this is the ultimate sports car. If you look at the design, there is nothing like this," Toyota spokesman Curt McAllister said.

    Cadillac is going in a different direction with its El Mirage concept car, designed it re-imagine what a big American car should look like.

    "You will see very refined surfacing, a discipline use of brightwork and chrome, and you will see cues from the past, from Cadillac's history, for example, vertical head lamps and tail lamps," said Jeff Nield of Cadillac.

    Ford’s Solar Energy concept combines the C-MAX Energy plug-in hybrid with a roof full of solar cells and a special canopy for real off-the-grid power.

    "What this car can do is be recharged by the power of the sun, rather than plug it into the wall," said Dave McCreadie of Ford.

    The perfect vehicle for winter just may be Ram's Winnebago Travato. It's an entire mobile home packed into a standard, easy-to-drive van.

    "Everything from your dining area, to the galley kitchen, stovetop, sink, satellite radio ... this is great if you are going to be stuck by the side of the road. It has its own washroom," said Ram's Dave Elshoff.