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Chicago Has Worst Traffic in the U.S.: Study

We share the top ranking with Washington D.C.



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    Chicago has the worst traffic in the nation.

    Chicagoland has bagged another title, but it's nothing to brag about.

    Drivers in the metro area face the worst gridlock in the nation, tied with Washington D.C., according to study released Thursday by the Texas Transportation institute.

    The study measured traffic in 2009 and reveals that commuters in Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana spent an extra 70 extra hours a year sitting in traffic, which is about twice the national average, reports the Chicago Tribune.

    And it appears things have gotten worst over time. In previous years, the Chicago area ranked 2nd and 3rd place in other congestion studies.

    Researchers also measured the impact of traffic congestion on people's finances, and it turns out Chicago also tops the list, with an average cost of $1,738 for each person in 2009.