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All 50 Outdoor Chicago Pools Now Open

The Chicago Park District’s outdoor pools reopen in time for triple-digit temps



    Chicago's pools are officially open for business.

    The Park District said Wednesday all 50 of the city's public outdoor pools have opened after state safety rules kept some of them closed in hot weather. 

    The pools reopen for the season just in time to beat the boiling heat temperatures later this week. They remain open until Labor Day on Monday, Sept. 3.

    Two years ago, state safety rules mandated replacement of all pool drains. Some of the old drains produced suction strong enough to pull swimmers underwater, something that killed 12 people in a 10-year span.

    The Chicago Park District said Wednesday all pools are safe to use and compliant with the Illinois Swimming Facility Act.

    The district offers free admission for open and daily swims. For more information about the Chicago Park District visit their website or call 312-742-5721.