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$50K Bond for Passenger Who Claimed to Have Bomb

Passenger charged with first-degree crime



    $50K Bond for Passenger Who Claimed to Have Bomb
    Draco Slaughter

    A Chicago traveler has been grounded in Long Island, New York for claiming he had a bomb in his carry-on bag.

    75-year-old Draco Slaughter is being held on $50,000 bond after telling a flight attendant he had a bomb in his bag during a layover in Long Island.

    As passengers were exiting Southwest’s flight 373 in Long Island, which made a scheduled stop before heading to West Palm Beach, a flight attendant noticed the bag sitting in an empty seat.  Slaughter was sitting on the aisle adjacent to the bag, when he heard the flight attendant asking about the bag, he told her it was his and there was a bomb in it.

    The flight attendant reported his comment to the pilot, who immediately grounded the flight until officials inspected the aircraft.   Teresa Rizzuto, MacArthur Airport commissioner said “we take this stuff very seriously”

    In the end no explosive devices were found in the man’s bag.  But he was then taken to into custody and is facing a charge of first-degree for falsely reporting an incident, according to police.

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