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Chicago Has Country's Best Doughnut: Report



    Move over, deep-dish pizza. Chicago is being hailed for a different mouth-watering treat—the doughnut.

    Chicago dominated the Daily Meal’s latest list of America’s top 25 doughnuts, with a plain glazed sensation at the Doughnut Vault in the River North neighborhood ranked as the top doughnut in the country.

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    The Doughnut Vault's tasty treat was followed by a plain glazed doughnut from Round Rock Doughnuts in Round Rock, Texas, and a lemon poppy doughnut from Dough in Brooklyn.

    Three other local shops were also featured on this list. The chocolate glazed treat from Do-Rite Donuts & Coffee ranked at No. 13, followed by a plain glazed doughnut from Dat Donut at No. 16 and a chocolate cake doughnut from Dinkel’s Bakery at No. 24.

    When hunting for the country’s top doughnuts, the Daily Meal said the contenders had to be “groan-inducingly good: fresh, soft, gooey, perfectly proportioned, and intended to leave you wanting just one more bite.”

    It's a win that Chicago arguably needed after a tough couple months of criticism.

    After the Willis Tower lost its "tallest" designation, Chicago’s pizza was criticized by “Daily Show” host Jon Stewart, sparking a bitter pizza feud between Chicago and New York.

    "I may have implied that deep-dish pizza tastes like string cheese that had been baked for two hours inside Mike Ditka's ass," Stewart admitted.

    Eventually, Stewart came to enjoy the deliciousness that is deep dish, but whether or not the talk-show host will take on the city’s newest title of Best Doughnut remains to be seen.

    But beware Stewart, Chicago was the only city to hit the list four times... New York had one.