Chicago Camp Abruptly Closes Without Mention of Refunds

One mother said she paid $1,500 for her daughter to attend the musical theater camp

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    Chicago Police are investigating a theater summer camp that abruptly closed, leaving local families out thousands of dollars.

    The Entertainment Project, which provided local kids with musical theater training for seven years, shut down this month after the camp's director shut off communication with students and parents, according to the Chicago Tribune.

    One mother whose child attended the project's program for five summers told the Tribune she's worried about the lost money but more concerned she put her daughter in the hands of a potential crook. Another mother said she paid $1,500 for her daughter to attend the camp

    Timothy Kiernan, director of the Entertainment Project, emailed parents Saturday morning informing them the closure was "due to economic reasons," according to the Tribune

    The news came as a shock to some parents who said they saw no change in the camp's operations. Students at Gordon Tech College Prep and Hatch Elementary in Oak Park were working on musical performances for June.

    The Project's director of education told the publication she last saw Kiernan when he taught a workshop on May 9 at Hatch Elementary.

    Since then workshops were canceled and at one point staffers were told to return their keys.