Chicago Awash in TV Pilots

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    Vince Vaughn is one of many stars shooting TV pilots in Chicago this year.

    If you've seen film crews buzzing about your neighborhood and wondered what they're up to -- they're probably filming a TV pilot.

    Six TV pilots are shooting in Chicago this year, the Sun-Times' Stefan Esposito reported.

    Vince Vaughn On Location

    [CHI] Vince Vaughn On Location
    The actor stops at a Des Plaines landmark to shoot a new pilot. (Published Friday, Mar 19, 2010)

    Stars like Vince Vaughn; William H. Macy; John Larroquette, of "Night Court" fame; Dylan Walsh, from "Nip/Tuck;" and Michael Rapaport are some of those involved in the shows.

    Here's the list of pilots shooting in Chicago that Esposito culled:

    • "Pleading Guilty," starring Larroquette, is a legal thriller about the goings-on inside a high-powered law firm.
    • "Ride-Along," starring Jason Clarke, of "The Brotherhood," and Jennifer Beals, is about a wisecracking Chicago cop.
    • "Matadors," starring Michelle Borth of "The Forgotten" and Zach Gilford of "Friday Night Lights," is a melodrama in the vein of "Romeo and Juliet."
    • "The Line," starring Rapaport and Walsh as ATF agents.
    • "Shameless," starring Macy as the alcoholic father of a large, unconventional family.
    • "Firsts," directed by Vaughn, about a couple of guys just out of college and adjusting to the real world.  Vaughn was recently spotted shooting at the Choo Choo restaurant in Des Plaines.

    If a single one of the shows gets picked up, it could mean $50 million a year for Chicago's economy.