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CPS Proposes Student Make-Up Days From Strike

Most students will have classes on President's Day and see their winter break trimmed back

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    Students and parents learn the dates added to the school calendar to make up for the seven-day teacher strike, and some aren't happy about it. Kim Vatis reports. (Published Friday, Sept. 28, 2012)

    Chicago Public Schools students must make up class time they missed during the seven-day teacher strike.

    To make up for what felt like an extended summer vacation, most CPS students will have classes on Presidents' Day and see their winter break trimmed back. The school year also ends later than expected in June, according to a proposal the school district released Friday.

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    "Obviously the days have to be made up somehow," said parent Keith Thomas, after hearing the news. "Most people realize it's going to bite into summer, bite into winter break."

    Other parents were not as understanding about the days selected for the make up days.

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    "It's not right," said parent George Barcenas. "Its not our fault the teachers go on strike and then kids pay that."

    Seven make-up days were built into the school year's revised calendar, which brings the total number of days students must be in attendance to 181. Students were in class last year for 170 days.

    “Every single day counts," said CPS chief Jean-Claude Brizard in a statement. "These changes to the school calendar ensure our students continue to benefit from more quality time in the classroom in front of our teachers."

    Track E make-up days include five days from Fall Intercession from Oct. 15-19, President’s Day and June 19 added to the end of the year.

    Track R make-up days include two days from Winter Intercession from Jan. 3-4, President’s Day and four days added to the end of the school year: June 19-21, June 24.

    “With this calendar, we're preserving the Full School Day and year and the tools and support our students and teachers need to drive academic achievement," Brizard said.