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CPS Facing Massive Cuts, Increase in Class Size

Schools may have to trim $700 million



    CPS will vote on a list of proposed school closures today.

    Much like Governor Quinn and leaders of the Chicago Transit Authority, Chicago Schools CEO Ron Huberman is talking through a doomsday budget scenario.

    If CPS is forced to cut $700 million from its upcoming budget, Huberman warns that class sizes will explode to 37-students per teacher, non-varsity sports programs will be cut and administrators will lose their jobs, according to the Sun-Times.
    That’s not all: hundreds of teachers could be laid off, gifted programs could be shut down and early childhood education would go kaput, the report states.

    Teachers' Union: We Have a Contract

    [CHI] Teachers' Union:  We Have a Contract
    As cuts loom at CPS, the teachers' union says money is being wasted and cuts shouldn't start with the teachers.
    (Published Tuesday, March 16, 2010)

    Huberman briefed a group of CPS principals on the plan, and the Sun-Times collected a PowerPoint presentation from that meeting.

    The cuts would also affect the Chicago Teachers Union, which is due a 4-percent raise this year.

    Union spokeswoman Rosemaria Genova told the paper her constituents aren’t happy about how they’re hearing about the emergency plan.

    "If this is a negotiating ploy, there will be no negotiations in the press,'' Genova said to the Sun-Times."I can't begin to speculate what Mr. Huberman's objective was in terms of briefing principals . . . For a man who is promoting a 'culture of calm,' this is not the way to do it.”