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Brookfield Zoo Welcomes Baby Giraffe

Jasiri gave birth to the male calf on June 21in an off-exhibit area



    San Diego Safari Park
    The male calf born June 21 to 7-year-old Jasiri is now on exhibit.

    A giraffe calf is the newest addition to Brookfield Zoo's fast-growing, adorable baby ranks.  

    The 173-pound, 5-foot-9-inch-tall giraffe was born June 21 to 7-year-old Jasiri and 4-year-old Hasani. He is the 59th giraffe calf born on zoo grounds and is part of a recent baby boom at the zoo.

    This year alone two sloth bear cubs, a klipspringer, two addax antelopes and an Angolan colobus monkey were born. Brookfield is still awaiting the births year of two addax antelopes and three dolphins.

    The giraffe calf makes his exhibit debut this week along with his parents.

    Kat Marin/SeaWorld San Diego

    Hasani is temporarily at the zoo as part of a breeding arrangement provided by Lee Richardson Zoo in Garden City, Kansas. He also fathered Dave, a 7-month-old calf born in November 2012.