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Bloodhound Sniffs out Cook County Robbery Suspect

Suspect had changed clothes before fleeing apartment



    Authorities in Cook County have a Bloodhound named Melanie and her nose to thank for the capture of a bank robbery suspect Monday.

    Calls came in from the Glenview State Bank at 2610 Golf Rd. in unincorporated Cook County just after noon.

    Deputies brought in the dog and she immediately got a scent and began looking, authorities said. Melanie traced the scent to an apartment building about a block and a half away, according to police.

    After showing surveillance photos to a man inside the apartment, that man said the person in the photograph had been staying with him for a few days, according to police.

    Authorities stayed on the scent and took the suspect into custody as he pulled up in a vehicle about two hours after the robbery, police said.

    No charges have been filed, and neither a GPS tracker nor a dye pack was placed in the robber's proceeds, Bilecki said.