Arguments on Spying Issue Heard in Terrorism Case

Adel Daoud pleaded not guilty to trying to ignite an inert bomb outside a Chicago bar

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    Adel Daoud, 18, is accused of trying to blow up what the thought was a car bomb in front of a downtown bar. Charlie Wojciechowski reports.

    An attorney for a Chicago man accused of terrorism has told a judge she can restore faith in the judicial system by ordering the government to disclose how it may have used enhanced surveillance in the case.

    The impassioned arguments came Friday at a rare open-court hearing over whether prosecutors must say if their evidence derived from the spying programs revealed by former government contractor Edward Snowden.

    Adel Daoud has pleaded not guilty to trying to ignite what he thought was a bomb outside a Chicago bar.

    Defense attorney Thomas Durkin says U.S. District Judge Sharon Johnson Coleman could help restore "lost faith" across the country by ruling for Daoud.

    Parents Defend Son Charged in Bomb Plot

    [CHI] Parents Defend Son Charged in Bomb Plot
    Adel Daoud, 19, pleaded not guilty Thursday to charges he tried to blow up a car bomb next to a downtown Chicago bar. Charlie Wojciechowski reports.

    Prosecutors say they are not obliged to reveal that information.