Teacher Accused of Grade Tampering Quits

An Antioch High School teacher accused of changing some students' grades has resigned

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    Antioch Police Department
    Sara Glashagel

    The Antioch High School teacher accused of computer tampering and changing the grades of dozens of students has resigned.

    Sara Glashagel, 27, of Elk Grove Village was placed on administrative leave and could have faced further action after the school district's co-superintendent meets with the school board after Thanksgiving.

    As it stands, Glashagel faces up to a year in jail, fines up to $2500 or both if she's convicted on a computer tampering charge.

    Glashagel, a special education teacher married to the high school's football coach, is accused of changing the grades of 64 students, most of whom were student athletes.

    She reportedly admitted targeting students who were on the athletic ineligibility list.

    Her next court date is Dec. 9.