American Girl Place Named Among Best Restrooms in America

The store on Michigan Avenue has been named among the 10 finalists for America’s Best Restroom Contest

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    American Girl Place

    Chicago’s American Girl Place is making headlines for bright, whimsical colors, innovative designs and memorable décor… in the bathroom.

    The store on Michigan Avenue has been named among the 10 finalists for America’s Best Restroom Contest.

    The contest, hosted by Cintas Corporation, is in its 13th year. The company said a team of survey editors scoured the country for the most creative and clean public restrooms and created the list of nominees.

    American Girl Place was selected among the top potties for its colorful bathroom with mirrors and sinks designed for children and signature doll holders in each stall.

    Field Museum Wins Best Bathroom Award

    [CHI] Field Museum Wins Best Bathroom Award
    Cintas awarded the Field Museum in Chicago with top toilet honor in 2011. (Published Friday, Oct. 21, 2011)

    “Moms and girls alike are delighted with our restrooms,” Stephanie Spanos, public relations manager for American Girl, said in a statement. “Girls are thrilled that their special doll companions are safely secure and off the floor while they use the facilities.”

    Also named in the list of finalists is a bathroom covered in plants, a restroom inside a building that looks like a toilet and even a restroom where water from sink begins inside a waterfall.

    Top Bathroom Honors Include Chicago

    [CHI] Top Bathroom Honors Include Chicago
    Take a look inside one of the best public bathrooms in the country. (Published Tuesday, Aug. 9, 2011)

    “We’ve assembled an engaging field of unique public restrooms and expect a lot of spirited competition,” said John Engel, Cintas’ Senior Marketing Manager. “The contest promotes the importance of hygiene and salutes businesses which strive for restroom excellence in both function and design.”

    It's not the first time a Chicago restroom has been nominated in the contest as the Field Museum won the top potty honors in 2011.

    And in 2009, the Drake Hotel ranked no. 5 in the "number two" contest.

    Voting for America’s best bathroom 2014 began Wednesday and will continue until Oct. 31.

    The winner and runner-up will be placed in the Cintas’ American’s Best Restroom Hall of Fame.

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