Electric Cars Key to Revitalizing Economy: Clinton

Alternative energy vehicles will help revitalize the economy, Bill Clinton said Thursday in Chicago

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    Dominic Trombino
    Former U.S. President Bill Clinton stopped by Pioneer Court Plaza Thursday morning to look at some of the newest alternative energy vehicles as part of the Clinton Global Initiative.

    Chicago is in line to be the next big city for job expansion, former U.S. President Bill Clinton said Thursday.

    "It's not just centrally located, but it represents all the promise of American future, and some of the problems that America needs to solve," Clinton said Thursday of why he decided to host his Clinton Global Initiative jobs summit in the Windy City

    The summit, meant to address job creation in small business and start-up companies, wraps up its two-day stay on Thursday.

    Clinton began his day with a stop by Pioneer Court to look at some of the newest electric and alternate energy vehicles from Toyota, Ford and Chevy.

    "Chicago was just ranked very high on the list of most energy efficient cities," he said while checking out the cars. "You've got the largest amount of green roof space of any city in America."

    He went on to discuss how he thinks alternative energy vehicles will help revitalize the economy in Illinois, citing the $4,000 credit electric car owners receive and explaining the key is to bring back manufacturing.

    Chicago is well on its way, he said.

    "There's already been a serious effort here."