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About One-Third Suburban Cook County Teens Had Sex: Survey

Seven percent of teens claimed they were raped, says survey



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    Some suburban Cook County teens made jaw-dropping admissions in a survey about sex.
    The Cook County Department of Public Health teamed up with Children’s Memorial Hospital’s Child Health Data Lab and several schools to hand out anonymous surveys during fall 2010. About 1,700 students in 20 high schools participated.

    The results would probably stun some of the Chicago-area teens’ parents.
    Thirty-seven percent of high school students admitted they have had sex. African-American teens made up the largest ethnic group that had sex, with 61percent revealing they did. Forty-nine percent of Latino and 24 percent of Caucasian teens said they had sex.
    About six percent of teens said they had their first sexual encounter before they turned 13 years old.
    About 62 percent revealed they used a condom when having intercourse in the last three months. Seven percent claimed someone raped them.
    Amy Poore, a spokesperson for the Cook County Department of Public Health, told the Sun-Times results underscore a need for an improvement in sex education in schools.
    It's part of a nationwide effort led by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.