911 Call Captures Dramatic Birth Inside SUV

Baby born in hospital parking lot

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    A Libertyville baby just couldn't wait to come into the world last week.

    Alma Martinez was going through labor and on her way to the hospital when little Julie Ann decided that it was time to come out -- in the front seat of the family's SUV.

    911 Call Records Baby's Parking Lot Birth

    [CHI] 911 Call Records Baby's Parking Lot Birth
    Alba Martinez gives birth before she can reach emergency room. (Published Thursday, Sept. 12, 2013)

    The family had reached the parking lot of Advocate Condell and the baby's father ran inside to get help, but Julie Ann had ideas of her own.

    "It was scary I didn't know what to do," Alma Martinez said. "I didn't know whether to push or pull her out."

    The dramatic birth was assisted by a 911 dispatcher.

    Julie Ann was not only impatient about making it inside the hospital, she was also came a week before her due date.

    "You always hear crazy stories, but never think its going to happen to someone you know," Alma said.