Dozens of School Bus Tires Fall Flat

Vandals let out air overnight

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    An unknown vandal or vandals let the air out of the tires of more than 60 school buses in Yorkville overnight.


    No, we don't have a secret to tell you. That's the sound of a very late start to a suburban school day.

    An unknown vandal or vandals let the air out of the tires of more than 70 school buses in Yorkville overnight, reports Chicago Breaking News. Classes were delayed from one to two hours, as multiple tire service companies made their rounds, correcting the problem.

    The buses had been parked in the Yorkville Community Unit School District 115 yard, and each had one deflated front tire.

    The tires had not been slashed, but the air had been let out, officials told Chicago Breaking News.

    It sounds like someone was trying to dodge a final exam.

    A similar incident occurred in October 2009 at Zion-Benton Township High School, 80 miles north of Yorkville. There, 32 buses were affected.

    Seriously kids, if you want to stay home from school, just take a tip from Ferris Bueller:

    "The key to faking out the parents is the clammy hands. It's a good non-specific symptom; I'm a big believer in it. A lot of people will tell you that a good phony fever is a dead lock, but, uh... you get a nervous mother, you could wind up in a doctor's office. That's worse than school."

    Not that we advocate that kind of thing.

    Matt Bartosik is a Chicago native and a social media sovereign.