4 Chicago Women Assaulted Within 3 Blocks

The women were sexually assaulted in the past six weeks within three blocks, police said

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    Police are warning residents about a sexual predator who attacked at least three women on Chicago's Near West Side.

    Four women were assaulted in the past six weeks within three blocks, and police said three of them were related, including two assaults in the 2700 block of West Jackson Street and one on the 2700 block of West Adams.

    The most recent attack happened Saturday when a 19-year-old woman was attacked in the 2700 block of West Gladys. At this point police have not linked it to the three others.

    Police said in each of the related incidents, a man enters a home armed with a knife and sexually assaults a woman between 5:30 a.m. and 6:30 a.m., most times while the women are sleeping. In one case he took an engagement ring from his victim's finger and left.

    Police describe the attacker as between 16 and 20 years old. In three of the attacks he wore a mask or rag over his head, as well as mittens or gloves, and escaped out of a rear door or window.

    Residents in the area said they are very scared of the attacks.

    "My aunt stayed with me for a couple of days, because I was scared to stay in the house by myself," resident Nicole Jefferson said.