Indiana Couple Accused of Gunrunning

Pair allegedly tried to sell weapons to undercover cop

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    Police say the pair tried to sell weapons to an undercover officer.

    Cook County Sheriff's officials say an Indianapolis couple tried to sell several high-powered weapons to an undercover officer.

    DeAndre Hampton, 25, and Alana Arila are being held on $150,000 and $50,000 bond respectively.

    During the Special Operations Unit investigation, Hampton allegedly claimed to have guns for sale and sent photos.

    The undercover officer agreed to buy an SKS assault rifle, a .40 caliber gun and a .380 caliber gun for $1,400, according to investigators.

    A meeting was set up for April 27 in Melrose Park where the pair were arrested.

    Hampton was charged with one felony count of gunrunning and resisting a peace officer. Arila was charged with unlawful sale of a weapon.

    Investigators are trying to trace the origins of the guns, but say they were not stolen.