Civil Union Law Brings Insurance Questions

The Illinois Department of Insurance helps to clear up any questions about insurance policies when it comes to Civil Unions

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    With civil unions now legal in the state of Illinois, questions about insurance for couples who enter into civil unions are bound to arise.

    The Illinois Department of Insurance is hoping to help answer any questions people may have.

    The Department has published information for both consumers as well as insurance professionals to assist with any questions people may have.

    According to the department's consumer fact sheet, posted on their website

    "For purposes of insurance laws, policies, eligibility, and benefits governed by Illinois law, a spouse in a civil union and a spouse in a marriage are to be treated identically."

    According to the new law, insurance agencies are not legally able to require any more proof of civil union than they would for a marriage, and agencies must allow a spouse in a civil union to be added to their spouses health insurance policy in the 30 day period after the civil union has become effective.

    In the bulletin that was sent out to all insurance companies that are licensed to operate in Illinois, details were provided to guide all companies to comply with the new law.