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Couple Calls Health Care Ruling a Life-Saver

Steve Veach and his wife, Ann Battenfield, say they've been turned down by six insurance companies



    (Published Friday, June 29, 2012)

    A Chicago man says the Supreme Court's ruling to uphold the Affordable Care Act was a surprise that may one day save his life.

    Steve Veach runs a consulting business with his wife Ann Battenfield. They both have pre-existing conditions and have tried without success to obtain private health insurance.

    "I was shocked but I was extremely grateful because quite honestly, it might sound melodramatic, but that decision may have saved our lives," Veach said.

    His wife adds the couple seemed unable to even apply for coverage.

    "I think I tried six companies and were turned down by all. You don't even get through the process, Battenfield said. "Literally on the phone call, they get to the question about pre-existing conditions and they ask you if you take medication and you say it, they they say 'Thank you very much and we're done.'"

    Veach also contends his condition does not warrant a denial of health insurance.

    "My pre-existing condition, I consider relatively minor," he says. "They're fully under control, they don't require expensive medications, they don't require special doctor's visits. All it requires is a change in diet."