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Nicor Targets Young People for Energy Education

Company hopes education while turn kids into wiser energy-using adults



    (Published Friday, Dec. 3, 2010)

    Winterize. Conserve. Go Green. And Think!

    That was the lesson to some fifth graders at Elmwood Elementary School in Naperville from Nicor Gas.

    The energy company earlier this year launched an efficiency program with the goal of saving energy and money for their consumers.  To achieve that, the company employed a number of initiatives, including rebates on environmentally-friendly equipments and breaks on retro-fitting homes.

    But offering education to young people throughout the state was also part of the mix.

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    "We are hoping that Think! will get the kids ready to think more about energy efficiency, not only so that they and their families save money but so that they can ultimately become wiser energy users," explained Nicor spokeswoman Annette Martinez.

    At Elmwood, an assembly touched on a myriad of energy-saving tips, and each student was sent home with a booklet and a kit to help their home improve when it comes to energy savings.

    "You think about [energy conservation], and then to have them bring this home it opens our eyes even more. You get concerned how it will affect my kids' children and future generations. They need to start to develop good habits now. You think there's plenty of water for everybody, but you have to get conscious now and get good habits," said Jill Anderson, a parent of fifth grade twins at the school.

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    The kit included free energy-saving items like sink and shower aerators and a "shower coach" -- a device that times showers.

    The latter proved helpful to Andrew Mayscak.

    "My sisters take a long time in the shower. I am always trying to get in, knocking on the door," he said.

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    Teacher Janelle Kreiling said that every child was engaged and said the presentation came at the perfect time.

    "They were very excited not only beforehand but after they saw in it. They were really excited about going home and trying them out themselves. It fits in perfectly with the unit on conservation we are just getting in to," she said.