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Ford Issues Warning Letters Over Tire Valves

Valves may crack, cause air loss in tires

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    After a rash of complaints by motorists, Ford agreed to reach out to customers who bought cars that may have defective tire valves.

    Major carmaker Ford is notifying more than a million of its customers about a potential safety problem, but some safety experts say the notice doesn't go far enough.

    At issue is a small car part called a tire valve, which was recalled by two U.S. importers after a rash of complaints by motorists. The parts, made in China, were reportedly prematurely cracking and causing air loss in tires.

    Ford Issues Valve Stem Warnings

    [CHI] Ford Issues Valve Stem Warnings
    Unit 5 Investigation on how one tiny car part is causing a tremendous headache for one major automaker. (Published Tuesday, July 28, 2009)

    Ford agreed to reach out by letter to customers who bought cars that may have one of the valves from the defective batch. The letters, due in mid-May, are now on their way to car owners.

    Below is a list of the models involved in the letter campaign:


    Model Year
    Build Dates
    MKZ 2007-2008 11/01/06-05/31/07
    Escape 2007-2008 11/01/06-05/31/07
    Mariner 2007-2008 11/01/06-05/31/07
    Expedition 2007-2008 11/01/06-05/31/07
    F-150 2007-2008 11/01/06-05/31/07
    Montego/Sable 2007-2008 11/01/06-05/31/07
    Focus 2007-2008 11/01/06-05/31/07
    Freestar 2007 11/01/06-11/08/06
    Freestyle 2007 11/01/06-04/13/07
    Crown Victoria 2007-2008 11/20/06-05/31/07
    Grand Marquis 2007-2008 11/20/06-05/31/07
    Ranger 2007-2008 11/20/06-05/31/07
    Edge 2007-2008 11/01/06-05/31/07
    MKX 2007-2008 11/01/06-05/31/07
    Navigator 2007-2008 11/01/06-05/31/07
    Fusion 2007-2008 11/01/06-05/31/07
    Milan 2007-2008 11/01/06-05/31/07
    Mark LT Five Hundred & Taurus 2007-2008 11/01/06-05/31/07
    Mustang 2007-2008 11/01/06-05/22/07
    Taurus X 2008 12/07/06-05/25/07
    Sport Trac 2007-2008 11/06/06-05/31/07
    Mountaineer 2007-2008 11/06/06-05/31/07
    Explorer 2007-2008 11/06/06-05/31/07


    Advisory on Dill Air Controls Products home page

    Report a cracked valve stem to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration database.

    Read about NHTSA's investigation into cracked tire valve stems. 

    To read safety advocates

    Safety Research & Strategies, Inc.'s letters


    press release on defective valve stems from China.