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The Face of Foreclosure

Terry Savage talks with three families hit with devastating loss



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    It's not just the numbers, it's the people behind them.

    Every day, more than 100 Chicago area homeowners receive a foreclosure notice. It's an epidemic that is accelerating, with the impact spreading through all neighborhoods -- from inner city to middle class to wealthy suburbs.

    Some of those foreclosures are on empty condos or subdivision houses, where "flipping" real estate seemed to be the sure road to riches only two years ago. But the vast majority of foreclosures hit young families, or middle-age couples, or first-time homebuyers -- all in shock at losing their piece of the American Dream.

    The Faces of Foreclosure

    [CHI] The Faces of Foreclosure
    Every day in the Chicago area, about 100 people get a foreclosure notice. In a series of Sun-Times reports, financial expert Terry Savage goes beyond the headlines to meet three families -- the faces of foreclosure.
    (Published Monday, March 16, 2009)

    Terry Savage now shares The Savage Truth: It's time to stop blaming and start acting sensibly. If we don't, the foreclosure crisis will forever change America.