Pay-To-Play at O'Hare?

Alderman's brother at center of O'Hare construction probe

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    "Pay to play" may have been part of a number of recent construction contracts awarded at O'Hare Airport.

    Federal investigators and the city inspector general's office are looking into city aviation deals relative to O'Hare Airport construction contracts and the brother of a Chicago alderman. 

    Alderman Patrick Levar's brother, who once oversaw construction contracts at O'Hare Airport for Mayor Daley, is a focus of the investigation, and campaign contributions from construction companies to the alderman's coffers are a key factor.  

    Pay-To-Play at O'Hare?

    [CHI] Pay-To-Play at O'Hare?
    An investigation is looking into the possibility that fake businesses were created in order to get construction contracts at O'Hare. (Published Monday, Feb 23, 2009)

    Sound like a scandal in the making? 

    The Chicago Sun-Times offers an exclusive look at the probe.