JFK 50: Remembering the Kennedy Assassination

JFK 50: Remembering the Kennedy Assassination

JFK 50: Remembering the Kennedy Assassination

Oswald Escapes, Boards Bus at Elm & Murphy Streets

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    Stefan Gorman, NBC 5 News
    Elm and Field streets, as seen in 2013, not far from where Elm and Murphy streets once intersected.

    According to the Warren Report, following the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in Dealey Plaza, Texas School Book Depository employee Lee Harvey Oswald walked down the stairs from the sixth floor to the second floor.

    The report states that Dallas patrolman M.L. Baker and TSBD superintendent Roy Truly spotted Oswald in the break room of the second floor near the Coke machine. After Baker and Truley continued upstairs, Oswald was seen by Mrs. R.A. Reid walking toward the offices at the front of the building on the second floor.

    Oswald is then believed to have gone down to the first floor, where he exited the book depository through the front door. Oswald then walked about 4/10 of a mile down Elm Street to Murphy Street where he boarded a city bus.††

    Bus driver Cecil J. McWatters and Oswald's former landlady, Mary Bledsoe, confirmed that he boarded a bus at that location at about 12:40 p.m.

    The Warren Report states that within the time between the final shot being fired and the time the book depository was sealed, Oswald could have exited the building without assistance from a third party.

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