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Balloon Dad Had a Temper: Reality "Wife"

Heene's "Wife Swap" co-star says Balloon Dad "wasn't very nice"



    Balloon Dad's reputation has been deflated by his on-screen "wife."

    Balloon Dad's reputation has been deflated by his on-screen "wife."

    Richard Heene's "Wife Swap" co-star Sheree Silver said Monday she saw glimpses of Heene's temper when the two starred on the 100th episode of the reality show, dishing that the man behind the hoax to convince the media his son was aboard a rogue helium balloon had a history of emotional problems.

    Heene "had the mind of a mad scientist," Silver told People magazine Monday, just a day after police ruled the plight of 6-year-old Falcon Heene was a hoax designed to bring the Heenes publicity.

    Heene's constant yelling on "Wife Swap," which features two wives swapping places in families across the country, taunted his on-screen "wife" with constant yelling, Silver said Monday.

    "He wasn't very nice to me," said Silver, who spilled that Heene had thrown milk at her on the show and screamed at his children.

    "My Dad can really yell, can't he?" Silver told People Heene's 11-year-old told her about Richard.

    Silver also said she warned Heene about his science experiments, forecasting that one would "blow up" in his face.

    "I said, 'You go risk your life, but you don't have to bring your children into that,'" she said.

    Richard's answer?

    "Yeah, but they won't get to witness everything," he said.