E! Ready to Tell Kate Gosselin's True Hollywood Story

She'll get same treatment as Tiger Woods, Charlie Sheen, Jacko, etc.

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    Kate Gosselin is going under the "E! True Hollywood Story" microscope.

    The reality TV mom will join Tiger Woods, Charlie Sheen, Michael Jackson and a host of oters who have been profiled by the warts-and-all television show.

    The episode, set to air Feb 2, will show the “Kate Plus 8” star's rise “from her working-class roots to her role as a one-woman TV ratings juggernaut,” according to the network.

    Among those who will be intertiewed for teir insights on the original Octomom are former Gosselin nanny Stephanie Santoro; Polly Kahl, who wrote "Jon & Kate Plus Eight: Reality TV & The Selling Of The Gosselins”; and actor and vocal Kate critic Eric Roberts.

    "Kate has more than her hands full and is not a bad person,” an uncharacteristically Kate-friendly Roberts says on camera. “To have kids is the easiest job to get in the world. To raise kids properly is the hardest."

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