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Despite Duties, Childhood Friend Says Hillary Clinton Has Been "Effortless"

As Clinton moves on from Secretary of State role, there is speculation as to what’s next



    (Published Friday, Feb. 1, 2013)

    As Secretary of State Hillary Clinton received a standing room only ovation on her last day at the State Department on Friday, her close friends in Chicago were marveling at all she’s accomplished.

    Betsy Ebeling has been friends with Clinton since they were young grammar school friends in Park Ridge. She said she's been vicariously "watching her effortlessly these many years" and noted her role as secretary of state "was a great platform for her to talk about women and girls."

    As Clinton moves on from this role, there is speculation as to what’s next.

    "Sleep is next," said Ebeling. "I think she has the luxury she can just do things she wants for the next year and other people can do all that kind of worrying.”

    "There is something next for her," noted  Ebeling's daughter, Haley Ebeling. "There is going to be more beyond this, I’m excited to see what it is.”

    Despite running for president in 2008 and traveling the world these past four years, Clinton has stayed connected with close friends. Clinton made a big impression on the younger Ebeling by attending her wedding.

    "She’s been there for everything, I don’t know how on earth she manages to do everything she does," said Haley Ebeling.

    Likewise, Sen. Dick Durbin said that while Clinton has "really pushed herself to the limit," he said he hopes she's not done with public service.

    "I can’t wait to sit down with her and work together with her and give her that opportunity," he said.