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Robert Blagojevich on Trial, Family and Stolen Mustard

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Robert Blagojevich was not convicted earlier this week, but he was not acquitted either. A successful businessman, Blagojevich's tangential role in his brother's drama has cost his family dearly.

Robert Blagojevich may not have been convicted on Tuesday, but he was not acquitted either.  A successful businessman, he came to Chicago to run his younger brother's campaign organization.

He says he was told to do it by the book.  And he insists he did.

In a sit-down interview just two days after a panel of 12 reached a verdict on just one of the 24 counts, the older brother talks about his tangential role in Gov. Rod Blagojevich's drama that has cost his family dearly, his now-strained relationship with his brother, how his late parents would view the ordeal and what the future holds for him.

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