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Rahm Bashes Former Colleague Ryan, Says Budget Plan Would Lead to Recession




    Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, himself a former congressman, says that while his former colleague Rep. Paul Ryan colleague has ideas, they're the wrong ones for the country. (Published Tuesday, Aug 14, 2012)

    Mayor Rahm Emanuel didn't hold back Tuesday when asked about his former U.S. House colleague being tapped as Mitt Romney's running mate.

    "Paul Ryan, who I served with on both the Ways and Means committee and the budget committee, has ideas. I don't think they're right for the course, for the United States. The president will make that clear, and I support him on that," Emanuel said at an unrelated press event. "A lot of independent economists say his budget would lead to a recession. I don't think a recession is a pro-growth strategy."

    The mayor has already participated in several Obama campaign events, so it's no surprise he would be critical of Ryan. He said the upcoming election presents differing visions on Medicare, Social Security and economic fairness.

    "There are big differences between President Obama and Gov. Romney about different directions and whose voices get heard in the Oval Office," said Emanuel. "I will help the president because I think his vision is one on behalf of the middle class to make sure their voices and their concerns are at the center of the Oval Office."

    The mayor attacked Romney for voting against the bailout of the auto industry, a move that happened while Emanuel was White House Chief of Staff.

    "Gov. Romney said, 'Let it go bankrupt.'  One point two million people are working today in the manufacturing in the auto industry because President Obama [not only] rejected bankruptcy, but said, ‘We’re going to re-structure and put these communities and these workers back to work building a great auto industry here."