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Emanuel Preferred Second Inaugural to First

Chicago's mayor says no to presidential run in 2016 but would like to be re-elected mayor in 2015

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As for his own political future, Chicago's mayor again put the kibosh on any talk of running for the White House but did confirm he'd like to continue as mayor. Mary Ann Ahern reports.

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Mayor Rahm Emanuel on Monday said he enjoyed President Barack Obama's second inauguration far more than the first one.

"It's much better to be an observer than intimately involved," he said in a sit-down interview in Washington, D.C.

Four years ago, Emanuel was the new White House Chief of Staff with a lot on his plate.

"At that time there were some issues as it related to some terrorist concerns, you had the collapse of the auto industry that was literally -- we were told two to three week runway before the whole thing kaput. This sense of foreboding is different than where we are today," Emanuel explained.

Now mayor of the nation's third-largest city, Emanuel said he sees the president's second term as one that leaves little time to waste.

"The thing that's different in a second term is the hour glass, and that drives you in a certain sense. You're ability to use this office to make that change, to get something -- not that he didn't want to get something done in the first term -- but your time now is counted differently," he said.

As for his own political future, Emanuel again put the kibosh on any talk of running for the White House but did confirm he'd like to continue as mayor.

"My answer in 2016 is 'no.' I love being mayor. Now, the people of the city of Chicago have got decide whether, in 2015, they're going to renew this relationship. I love it and I hope they do. I think this is a great job to make a real impact," he said.

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