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Obama Nearly Doubles Romney in Online Ad Spending

Presidential campaigns spent about $78 million in online advertising for 2012 race, FEC data shows




    Online advertising for the 2012 presidential race increased a whopping 251 percent from four years ago, according to Federal Election Commission data provided through mid-October.

    A San Francisco-based online marketing firm reviewed the data and provided Ward Room with a fascinating infographic showing how the collective $78 million was spent over time and by whom.

    President Barack Obama, the data shows, spent $52 million for online ads during his 2012 campaign, compared to the $26 million spent by Gov. Mitt Romney's campaign.

    To illustrate just how much money that is, ReTargeter.com points out that it cost a little more than $28 million to build the Washington Monument and about $40.5 million to build the Lincoln Memorial. And yes, those numbers were adjusted for 2012 dollars.