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Del Valle Picks Up Endorsements




    Mayoral candidate Miguel del Valle has picked up endorsements from three members of the Illinois General Assembly.

    State representatives Lisa Hernandez and Cynthia Soto, along with State Sen. William Delgado said Wednesday that they're backing del Valle.

    "Miguel is a beacon, when it comes to education," said Hernandez, calling him an honest, ethical man. 

    Soto said she was endorsing the man who supported her during her first campaign.  And she said he would bring a level of dialogue to the office that she hasn't seen with the current administration.

    "I never had the opportunity to even sit down with Mayor [Richard] Daley and talk about the issues that are important to my community," she said.  "We need to have different levels of communication open, and I know that with del Valle, we're going to have that."

    Delgado, in an emotional endorsement, called del Valle an anti-establishment type of candidate who humble nature could reform what many say is the most corrupt city in the country.