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Kirk: Arm Libyan Rebels to Ensure Quick End to Conflict



    Sen. Mark Kirk

    Illinois' junior senator believes Libyan colonel Moammar Gadhafi should be overthrown, and said rebels there should be given weapons to help get the deed done.

    Sen. Mark Kirk said Friday that furnishing weapons will help end the Libyan war and limit costs for the United States and its allies.

    "If we win this war as fast as possible, it will cost less, it will create less turmoil in the Arab world, and it will calm international economies," Kirk said.

    Kirk said conflicts should be rough and violent if that's what it takes to achieve a quick victory.

    NATO and some nations say an arms embargo rules out providing weapons to the Libyan rebels. But President Barack Obama's administration suggests arming them might be an option.

    Kirk also says the United States should recognize the rebels as the legitimate representatives of Libya's people, as France has done.

    He does not support sending ground troops there.