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Posting Ballot Pics Online a Class 4 Felony




    Social media has no doubt had an impact in the American election cycle. And while messages and memes aren't unusual, there's at least one post Illinois voters should refrain from making: a photo of your ballot.

    It's technically a Class 4 felony.

    According to 29-9 of the Illinois Compiled Statutes' Election Code, the practice falls under a prohibition of "unlawful observation of voting."

    Except as permitted by this Code, any person who knowingly marks his ballot or casts his vote on a voting machine or voting device so that it can be observed by another person, and any person who knowingly observes another person lawfully marking a ballot or lawfully casting his vote on a voting machine or voting device, shall be guilty of a Class 4 felony.”

    Other states that ban photography or videography in polling places include Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Nevada, North Carolina, Texas and West Virginia, the social media news website Mashable noted.

    It's likely better to just post a photo of your "I Voted" sticker or receipt.