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Black Aldermen, Lawmakers Seek Unified Candidate in Closed-Door Caucus




    Rev. Sen. James Meeks, caught after a black caucus meeting on mayoral strategy, deflects Ward Room's questions in his signature way. (Published Friday, Sept. 24, 2010)

    Chicago's black aldermen Friday held a closed door meeting to discuss strategy for the upcoming mayoral race.

    For more than three hours elected leaders and activists met in a conference room next to  Alderman's JoAnn Thompson's 16th Ward office. 

    Sen James Meeks -- who is already gathering signatures --  emerged with Ald. Fredreena Lyle, but he and the others refused to say if any one candidate has the Caucus' support. 

    Attendees like 28th Ward Alderman Ed Smith say they are hoping to come up with a unified candidate.

    "A unified candidate, no matter where that candidate comes from would be good for city of Chicago," Smith said.

    State Sen Rickey Hendon, who plans to make an official announcement Monday, is also here.