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Good News! Shooting 574,999 Transformers Sequels Would Make Up for the Parking Meter Lease!




    Mayor Daley talks about a T3 cameo, and who would play him in a movie role. (Published Wednesday, Aug. 25, 2010)

    The filming of Transformers 3, which disappointed countless Chicagoans hoping to see Shia LeBeouf accidentally immolated by a SFX fireball, brought $20 million to the city of Chicago, Mayor Daley said Wednesday.

    For those keeping track at home, that's about 1/575,000th of the ~$11.5 billion value of the parking meter lease deal. So! We only need 574,999 more sequels -- 574,999 more chances to see Shia burst into flames! -- to make up for that meter debacle.

    Sure, it's an unfair and arbitrary comparison. But hosting Shia is basically a tax on good taste. So there's that.

    Daley today said he's "very grateful" for "the great economic impact" and "chance to showcase the city." Daley says the film also gave the city 1,200 jobs.

    Lorenzo Di Bonaventura, one of the T3 producers, said the crew loves the Windy City. And, in an unfortunate analogy, added: "It's going to spread like a virus how good of time we had in Chicago."

    Soon, the Transformers crew will move to Gary, Indiana. Probably a cost-saving measure for the action flick, seeing as how the town comes already pre-destroyed.