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Demonstrators Camp Out Inside City Hall




    City Hall is closed, but about 30 protestors remained inside Tusday night, camped outside Mayor Rahm Emanuel's office door.

    About 30 protestors remained inside City Hall, Tuesday night, camped outside Mayor Rahm Emanuel's office door in protest of his budget.

    Police had threatened the group with arrest and tickets, but ultimately didn't make good on the warning.

    While they demonstrators were allowed to stay, there is little in the form of comfort. The bathrooms are locked and police aren't allowing anyone to sleep.

    Some of the demonstrators are dressed in hospital gowns to protest the city's plan to cut six of of the 12 mental health centers.

    The group hopes their strong, last-minute sit-in makes a statement, but with no decision-makers present, Ald. Nick Sposato (36th) kindly asked the group to leave so the police officers could finally go home.

    The City Council votes on the proposed budget on Wednesday. It's expected to pass.