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Mayor: No Reimbursements for Businesses Affected by Summits



    (Published Friday, Feb. 24, 2012)

    The upcoming NATO and G8 summits are a way to show off Chicago and will grow business, Mayor Rahm Emanuel said Friday, adding that there will be no reimbursements to businesses for any losses they might have those weekends.

    "There’s no need to. If they choose [to close], it’s not because the Secret Service told them to do it because there’s no need to do that. This will be a big economic opportunity for the city, an opportunity to bring the world to Chicago and Chicago to the world," the mayor said at a press event to announce the city's order of Ford's new Interceptor squad cars.

    The mayor said that if a business within the "inner-most security perimeter" chose to close, that would be their perogative but there would be no reimbursement for that decision.

    The double-header of summits begin on May 19 with leaders from around the globe and thousands of protesters expected to converge in the Windy City.