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City Council Approves Chicago Gun Measures

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City Council Approves Chicago Gun Measures

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Emanuel Reacts to Conceal Carry Law

Mayor Rahm Emanuel says he's glad Illinois was the last state in the union to adopt a concealed carry law said he hopes lawmakers adopt legislation to allow Chicago to craft its own, stricter ordinances.

Chicago Reacts to Concealed Carry Bill

Chicagoans begin to react after learning details of the new concealed carry bill - - and opinions are mixed. NBC 5's Rob Elgas reports.
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Chicago residents will no longer need a city permit to carry a gun or be mandated in most cases to lock their firearms, under a proposal approved at Wednesday's City Council meeting.

The City Council’s Public Safety Committee on Monday advanced the measure, which would also do away with the city's gun registry, drawing praise from gun advocates.

"Mayor [Richard] Daley's pinnacle handgun ordinance pinnacle handgun ordinance after the loss in the McDonald decision is now, for all intents and purposes, gutted," Todd Vandermyde, a National Rifle Association lobbyist, said after Monday's meeting. "I think that's a great day for gun owners in the city of Chicago and the state of Illinois."

Vandermyde said, however, that he'd still like to see more changes to the city's ordinance, including doing away with a ban on laser sights and the restriction that firearms be locked up when persons under the age of 18 are in the home.

Aldermen also approved a proposal that requires all restaurants in the city to post "gun-free" signs outside their premises.

Illinois earlier this summer passed a concealed carry law that permits guns to be carried in public beginning in 2014.

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