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Announcing Ward Room's All-Singing, All-Dancing Twitter Feed




    Since time immemorial, men have made grand pronouncements. This is not one.


    Ward Room is proud to pronounce the launch of our all-singing, all-dancing twitter feed, which'll keep you updated daily with what Illinois politicians are talking about. Literally.

    Each tweet will be a quote.

    Whether it's Gov. Quinn extolling Jim Edgar eight times in a row, or Mayor Daley threatening a reporter with hypothetical bodily harm, each tweet will consist entirely of what Illinois influencers are saying.

    We hope this makes you conversationally proprioceptive. Or, like, in the middle of the jawboning and stuff. Either way, drop us a line at wmaqpoliticsblog@nbcuni.com (we know we know, we're getting a better email address) or holler at us on twitter.

    Be well!