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Walsh Mixes It Up With Suburban Muslims

Town hall meeting gets heated



    (Published Friday, Aug. 24, 2012)

    If you were expecting a kumbaya moment when Rep. Joe Walsh met with Muslims in Lombard on Friday, you bought tickets to the wrong movie.

    Walsh antagonized many in the religion by claiming that radical Muslims have infiltrated the Chicago suburbs, and are trying to kill Americans.

    At the town hall meeting, attendees who ranged from doctors to housewives challenged Walsh's assertation that radicals are in places like Elk Grove, Addison and Elgin.

    Walsh said that he was making a broader point that radicals are infiltrating small towns, and although the meeting became heated at times, Walsh didn't back down from his original statements.

    "The vast, vast majority of Muslim Americans in this country are God-fearing, patriotic, wonderful American citizens. We're talking about a radical, radical strain, your government knows it and it's our job to keep Americans safe," Walsh said.

    Walsh's comments that radical Muslims are disproportionately committing acts of violence than other religions also didn't sit well with the crowd.

    The meeting took place at the home of Moin Khan, a leader in the Muslim community, a Republican and the first Muslim elected to public office in DuPage County.