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Waiting for Blagojevich: Reporters Slumming in Dirksen, Huddled Near Outlets




    I've seen the best minds of my generation, starving, hysterical tired, waiting for a Blagojevich verdict.
    The 2nd Floor of the Dirksen Federal Building, where the cafeteria and couches are located, is full of reporters from every local TV station,  working on their laptops. They are huddled at tables that are located near electrical outlets, in order to keep their laptops charging in the event of a verdict. 

    Most are reading the headlines from the day on news websites. Just two tables over, half of Rod and Robert Blagojevich's defense team sits.  They are on hand, waiting for any possible jury questions.  Sam Adam Jr. & Sr. are not here.

    Yesterday, 8 hours of downtime was spent going over the indictment and jury verdict instructions. Some bloggers bought a travel Scrabble board and played games.  Myself, I used 4 hours of the day to complete my Online Traffic Safety School. 

    One reporter is trying to book a hotel for an upcoming trip to Italy.
    Downstairs in the press pit, photographers wait out the verdict in portable camping chairs that they bring themselves.  Some reporters and producers are even 'slumming it' by sitting right on the floor.  The pit if full of laptops, newspapers, books and doughnuts.