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Supporter Sends Jackson Jr. Letter to Wrong Judge




    Cook County Commissioner Jerry “Iceman” Butler is the latest public official to write a Federal Judge in Washington, pleading for leniency for former Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr.

    “The tragedy here is that such a promising talent has been blemished by such an occurrence,” Butler writes. “I will not bore you with his history as a congressman.  You, I am sure, have received more information about his tenure than I have.”

    Jacksons Plead Guilty

    [CHI] Jacksons Plead Guilty
    In separate hearings on Wednesday, Jesse Jackson Jr. and his wife, Sandi Jackson, each entered guilty pleas to federal charges. Phil Rogers reports. (Published Tuesday, Feb. 26, 2013)

    “Therefore I will reduce my letter to this statement. Please let mercy temper justice.”

    Butler directed his comments to the wrong judge, however. His letter is addressed to Judge Robert Wilkins, who is no longer assigned to the case. Judge Amy Berman Jackson received the case through a random reassignment April 16.

    Source: Jackson Bought Memorabilia to Auction Off

    [CHI] Source: Jackson Bought Memorabilia to Auction Off
    According to federal charges, former Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. spent thousands of campaign dollars on fan memorabilia. But an NBC Chicago source says that fact doesn't paint a complete picture. Marion Brooks reports. (Published Thursday, Feb. 28, 2013)

    Jackson is to be sentenced July 1.