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New Video Shows Kirk Walking Upstairs, Working Post-Stroke



    (Published Sunday, Aug. 5, 2012)

    Illinois Senator Mark Kirk released a second YouTube video Sunday with an update on his progress since suffering a stroke in January.

    "I wanted to make sure we could update the people of Illinois on my progress against this stroke," the 52-year-old senator says in the video.

    The online video provides a glimpse into the damage the stroke did to his body and the lengths he has gone to recover in seven months.

    "There have been some exciting moments, like when I climbed all the stories of the RIC building," said Kirk, who averages about 3,677 steps a day.

    Kirk also discussed working with his staff and members of Congress to stay in the loop and on top of "key issues" for Illinois and "Senate business."

    The video shows a montage of him working with Rep. Judy Biggert, Rep. Bob Dold and Sen. Joe Manchin, as Kirk thanks them for their help and support. He also discusses his current project he's working on with Sen. Dick Durbin.

    "I'm working with Sen. Durbin right now to make sure we have a U.S. Attorney who is just as good as Patrick Fitzgerald," Kirk said.