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Rod Blagojevich Blew the State's Money on Lawyers Before he Blew His Own




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    Even before he was indicted on corruption charges, Rod Blagojevich was spending oodles of money on lawyers.

    A report by the state’s auditor general’s office, released Tuesday, shows that Blagojevich spent $7.2 million of the state’s money on 62 contracts for outside legal counsel.

    The contracts, which were often awarded without a bidding process, were of “questionable benefit to the state,” the report states – much like Blago himself!

    Blagojevich had counsel available to him in the form of lawyers from the state’s Attorney General Office, but he sought legal advice from outside counsel nearly every time he was named in a lawsuit.

    What’s more, Blago gave 13 of the contracts to individuals who weren’t licensed to practice law in Illinois.


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