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Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. Robocalls District 2 Voters

This is the first time the ailing Congressment has reached out to constituents.



    (Published Saturday, Oct. 20, 2012)

    Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. reached out to voters in Illinois' 2nd Congressional District for the first time since being treated for bipolar disorder and depression pleading for their support.

    Jackson said he was "anxious to return to work" but it is against "medical advice" and asked voters for their continued patience in a robocall sent out on Saturday.

    The calls are being sent out just one day after reports of the Democrat returning to the Mayo Clinic surfaced. He is finding it difficult to get treatment in Washington, D.C. because reporters are staking out his home and his twice a day visits to his doctor's office.

    The congressman has been absent from work since June. After a brief treatment at a facility in Arizona, Jackson transferred to the Mayo Clinic, in Rochester, Minn., in July.

    Despite calls from challengers, the incumbent has not resigned from his Congressional post and is widely favored to win in the November election. And while he hasn't sent out a campaign mailer, video or public statement in months, records show he's spent about the same amount of money in his campaign as others in competitive re-election fights.

    Here's the complete transcript of the robocall from Jackson.:

    Hello this is Congressman Jackson. For the past few months I have undergone medical treatment to address several serious health issues.
    Like many human beings a series of events came together in my life at the same time and they have been difficult to sort through. I am human. I am doing my best.  I am trying to sort through them all.
    I want to thank you for the many thoughts and prayers during this difficult time for me and my family, especially my colleagues and the people who mean most to me, my constituents.
     I am starting to heal. The good news is my health is improving, but my doctors tell me the road to recovery is a long one.
    For nearly 18 years I have served  the people of the second district, I am anxious to return to work on your behalf, but at this time it is against medical advice, and while I will always give my all to my constituents, I ask for your continued patience as I work to get my health back.
    After my family, my constituents are the most important people in the world to me. I will always act in your best interests. Your patience, your prayers and your support during this difficult time means more to me than you will ever know. With your help, your patience, and God’s grace, we will continue to work together to strengthen our communities, provide a better future for our children and leave the world a better than we found it.
    Thank you and God bless you.

    JJJ isn't Campaigning, But Expenditures Still Being Made

    [CHI] JJJ isn't Campaigning, But Expenditures Still Being Made
    Though he hasn't sent out a campaign mailer, video or spoken in public, records show Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. has spent about the same amount of money that other candidates. Mary Ann Ahern reports.
    (Published Thursday, Oct. 18, 2012)