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Quinn Faces Tough Times for Budget Proposal




    Gov. Pat Quinn has a tough job ahead of him as he prepares to deliver his latest proposed budget for a state in financial disarray.

    Outside analysts in recent months have described Illinois' fiscal condition as "a deep hole," a "downspin" and "not fiscally sustainable."

    Quinn Announces Investment in Millennium Reserve

    [CHI] Quinn Announces Investment in Millennium Reserve
    Gov. Pat Quinn joined state and local officials to announce an investment of $6.8 million for the development of the 140,000 acre Millennium Reserve. Quinn said the project, which includes trails and green space, will be the largest open space area in the nation. (Published Friday, March 1, 2013)

    Several factors have contributed to the state's budget mess.

    Lawmakers have yet to find a solution for Illinois' $97 billion pension crisis. That's caused annual payments to public-employee retirement funds to balloon to nearly 16 percent of the state's general funds budget. It likely means multimillion-dollar cuts to education and other areas.

    Breaking Down The Budget Crisis

    [CHI] Breaking Down The Budget Crisis

    Years of what critics call "budget gimmicks" also has left Illinois with a $9 billion backlog of unpaid bills, and the state's economic recovery has been slow.

    Quinn's address is scheduled for Wednesday.